Our Team

Leadership Team

STAR Teams integrated practice is among the largest transplant organ recovery-specialty medical groups in the world. STAR Teams is dedicated to excellence and innovation in patient care, teaching, and research. Working in partnership with our transplant center clients and partners, we are committed to improving the lives of patients.



Shelly Bansal, MD
STAR Team Surgeon
Preben Brandenhoff, MD
Senior Advisor
STAR Team Surgeon
Christopher Derby, MD
Chief of Quality and Operations
STAR Team Surgeon
David A. Hormuth MD, MBA
STAR Team Surgeon
Lindsey M. Prescher, DO
STAR Team Surgeon
Joseph J. Rubelowsky, MD
STAR Team Surgeon
JaBaris D. Swain, MD, MPH
STAR Team Surgeon
Hassan A. Tetteh, MD, MBA
Director of Surgery
STAR Team Surgeon



Mary Ballard
Chief Clinical Coordinator
Davian Fletcher
Chief Surgical Assistant
Karen Kuklinski, RN
Surgical Assistant
Daniel Le
Surgical Assistant
Hiroko Matsuyama
Director of Community Engagement
Linda Mize
Executive Administrative Assistant
Candy St. Marie
Executive Vice President
James Tessier, RN
Chief Digital Officer


  • Jill Block, RN
  • Robert S.D. Higgins, MD
  • Paul Massimiano, MD
  • George Ruiz, MD
  • Ali Shariari, MD
  • Sara Shumway, MD